Installation of used engine is a complicated process which requires all procedures and technical requirements to be followed strictly.


Engine installation notes shall be given to responsible mechanic before start of works.


According to requirements and conditions listed in our warranty disclaimer we provide a 6 months limited warranty for engines bought from Orbi Motors UAB. Warranty is only valid if engine is mounted according to requirements listed below.



  1. Before installation of an engine it is mandatory to check if there is no visible signs of damage that might have been caused by improper transportation, etc. In any damage is detected please inform Orbi Motors UAB at
  2. All rubber joints shall be checked and tightened if needed
  3. Engine must be rotate several for cycles with a wrench to check if it does turn and there is no sounds indicating a fault
  4. The following parts shall be replaced by new ones before installing the engine:
    1. Engine oil;
    2. Air, oil, fuel filters;
    3. Spark plugs (pre-heating spark plugs for diesel engines);
    4. Engine timing belt / chain set;
    5. Fuel injector gaskets;
    6. All other gaskets used for connecting other components (turbos, compressors, inlet/outlet manifolds, fuel pump, etc.)
  5. Adjust engine ignition timing shall be adjusted according to manufacturer’s recommendations
  6. Engine shall be mounted not later than 1 month after delivery date.


After installation of the engine:

  1. It is mandatory to recheck if ignition timing is set correctly;
  2. It is mandatory to check engine oil and coolant levels;
  3. Before starting the engine, fuel supply relay must be disconnected. Engine must be rotate few cycles in order for the oil filter to fill up with oil;


In case of warranty claim the customer shall provide evidence that the engine was installed according to requirements. Invoice from certified workshop or mechanic shall be considered as a valid evidence.


Other parts provided with the engine are not covered by this warranty.

installation instructions for used engines