Rebuilt car engines

When buying a rebuilt car engine, you can save a lot of money as opposed to choosing to buy an engine or opting to buy a new car altogether. Orbi Motors offers rebuilt, reconditioned and remanufactured car motors for sale. Any concerned buyer can find options at an affordable price in our product catalogue. However, most of our orders are fulfilled per request, so if you want a rebuilt engine – let us know!

What is a rebuilt car engine?

A rebuilt car motor is a used unit which has some significant components changed, reprogrammed, etc. In general, a rebuilt engine is a used car engine that has been taken out from a car and repaired, upgraded and updated to be able to perform as new. The rebuilding process can consist of something like gasket changes, ECU reprogramming and replacing worn down vital components of the engine into new ones.

Why is it worth buying a rebuilt car engine?

Rebuilt engines/motors are worth your while and money for several reasons. First and foremost, a lot of the time, older used engines are not anywhere near their new counterparts in terms of performance and economy. Used engines can emit more CO2 or consume more fuel while being less powerful. However, after a rebuild, the engine can return to its previous shape and still be the high-quality feat of engineering it once was.

Furthermore, rebuilt engines can be more reliable and durable than used motors or even new ones altogether. A new engine from the factory could come with faults while rebuilding solves them.

In the long run, a rebuilt engine is very similar to a new one. It can be used without worries for a long time, so if you decide to buy a rebuilt motor for your car – you’re making the right decision financially and technically.

Why Orbi Motors?

Orbi Motors is a team of dedicated sales specialists that have extensive know-how and insights into the sphere of car engines. Here at Orbi Motors we sell high-quality used car engines and rebuilt, reconditioned and remanufactured engines for almost all make and model cars. Thanks to the deep knowledge of engineering and the market trends, we can offer a competitive price for engines and sell them online. If you want an engine that’s going to last long and come with a warranty – check out what Orbi Motors has to offer.

Differences between recondition, remanufactured and rebuilt engines?

A rebuilt engine is a used engine that has been partially reworked. It should run like new, yet it isn’t failed or broken down completely.

A reconditioned motor is one that has failed and broken down and was rebuilt. However, reconditioning has no legal definition and thus, depending on supplier and manufacturer, terms can differ.

Finally, a remanufactured car engine is a unit that has been taken back to the manufacturer or a specialised workshop for a ground-up rework. Everything is cleaned and changed to work just as good as new, yet it takes longer than with any process mentioned above.

Remanufacturing, reconditioning and rebuilding are different terms and should never be confused.

How to buy and pick out the right rebuilt car engine and motor online

Make sure that you are buying from a reputable seller that offers transparency and gives guarantees on their products. All engines that we sell are pre-inspected by a certified engineer before shipping out and receive a warranty.

Secondly, make sure that the modification and code of the engine match the original unit. This isn’t easy to do if you are buying online. However, the team at Orbi Motors takes care of it for you!

What is the price of a high-quality rebuilt car engine?

Prices are very different depending on the rarity, complexity of the rebuild as well as other factors. Since most of the engine rebuilds are done per request, you need to send us an inquiry, and we can get back to you with a detailed quote.

In case of questions

If you have questions about used or rebuilt car engines, do not hesitate and drop us a line using the contacts listed on our site or via the Live chat option on the bottom right.