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All engines sold by Orbi Motors are detaily checked by qualified mechanics.

Used engines sold by Orbi Motors are shipped with 6 months limited warranty. Rebuilt engines sold by Orbi Motors are shipped with 12 months limited warranty. Warranty is valid if purchased engine is handled, installed and maintained according to installations instructions.

  • Pictures are provided as point of reference showing engine type. Delivered engines can differ in visual details.
Hyundai i30 Hyundai i30 1.6GDI 103kW 2014 ENGINE G4FD
Hyundai i40 Hyundai i40 1.6GDI 103kW 2011 ENGINE G4FD
Kia cee'd KIA CEED 1.6GDI 103kW 2012 ENGINE G4FD

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This is a used KIA SPORTAGE 1.6GDI 103kW 2011 ENGINE G4FD. Every used and refurbished engine that we sell is pre-inspected by a professional mechanic. This particular example comes at a very reasonable price. Taking into account its excellent condition and the high demand – you shouldn’t waste any time and buy it now online. Orbi Motors has a broad range of used and refurbished engines, not just KIA SPORTAGE 1.6GDI 103kW 2011 ENGINE G4FD, that you can check out!