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N47D20C engine at an affordable price

If you’re underway with your project car or if you’re trying to fix serious mechanical failures, check out our used car engine offers. We sell second-hand N47D20C engines in excellent condition.

Right now, you can find arguably the most diverse used engine product range for almost for all cars on our site, for sale online.

However, our product range won’t end here as we have thousands of used and rebuilt engines for you to choose from. The best part is that you can find an N47D20C engine for your car at a reasonable price. Some might think that it’s a super costly purchase, but with Orbi Motors, you’ll be overwhelmed by the vast array of listings at great rates!

So, if you’re looking for high-quality used or rebuilt N47D20C engines – we have you covered. Currently, we have 14 of them in stock.

Lots of used N47D20C engines online

Don’t bother with driving around town looking for the parts shop that can source a particular engine for you. Especially when it’s a lot quicker, easier and cheaper just to buy a used N47D20C car engine online. Orbi Motors offer a convenient online checkout for every listing.

Open a particular product by clicking on it. You will be able to have an in-depth view of high-quality images (only reference points, not an actual representation) of the motor, read specifications or find a complete list of brands and models which the engine can be fitted to (compatibility). There is also a lot of other useful information.

Drop us a line, and we can help you find the best deal for a used or rebuilt N47D20C engine for your car online!

Worth knowing

If you aren’t able to find the right motor or option for your car – let us know by writing an email to or using the ‘Send Message’ feature on our site. All of our engines are pre-checked by competent mechanics. Used N47D20C engines will get a 6-month warranty, while rebuilt N47D20C motors will receive to 12 months warranty.