Warranty and return policy

All engines sold by Orbi Motors are precisely checked by qualified mechanics.

Used engines sold by Orbi Motors are shipped with a 6-month limited warranty. Rebuilt engines sold by Orbi Motors are shipped with a 12-month limited warranty. The warranty is valid if the purchased engine is handled, installed, and maintained according to installations instructions.

We chose each engine according to the VIN code provided by the customer, therefore we take full responsibility if the engine sold by Orbi Motors does not fit your vehicle. In such an unlikely event, our customer is entitled to a refund (including shipping fees), or the engine is replaced by an individual agreement with the customer.

It is forbidden to disassemble the engine without the Sellers’ written consent. Engine parts are marked with special paint. The warranty shall be void in case the paint marking is removed.

In case the customer provides only the engine code, then he is solely responsible for the proper fitment of the engine and vehicle in question. In case the customer is willing to return the engine it is possible to organize it within 14 days of the delivery date. In such a case, the customer is refunded the full price of the engine but has to cover shipping costs. If the engine is sent back without any reason, an order handling fee of 10% of the value of the order is charged.

Engine failures that occur during the warranty period due to which the engine needs to be removed from the vehicle, are compensated by Orbi Motors up to an amount not higher than 800 Eur Netto.

When purchasing a product, the customer agrees to the warranty conditions in full and is familiar with the specified engine installation rules. The customer is properly informed and fully agrees that warranty service does not apply if these rules are not followed. All complaints with evidence should be sent to info@orbimotors.com.

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