Used Porsche car engines

Used engines for Porsche online at great prices

When buying a used or second-hand Porsche engine, probably every sensible customer looks for the best ratio between the price of the motor and its condition. Luckily, Orbi Motors only has used or rebuilt Porsche motors for sale that have been inspected by mechanics experts. At the same time, due to our business nature (we are an online business), Orbi Motors can sell used Porsche engines for your car at reasonable rates. Thanks to a vast network of international partners that help us source parts, our claims aren’t just pulled out of thin air – they’re fact!

Orbi Motors – a one-stop-shop for used Porsche car engines on the web

Orbi Motors has thousands of unique used and refurbished car engines. A wide assortment of Porsche car engines can ensure that every single client can find fantastic deals online and buy a motor in excellent condition without worries of overspending.

It’s pointless to waste your time going around town and looking for a supplier or shop that can source an engine in decent condition. This will cost a lot of money and time. Instead of doing that, visit Orbi Motors online store and get a fitting engine in excellent condition.

Currently, we have 4 engines for Porsche cars.

Worth knowing about used engines for Porsche on Orbi Motors

We sell high-quality, pre-inspected engines with a warranty. This protects our clients for purchasing faulty, damaged, worn down engines that are in poor condition. All used, second-hand Porsche engines get a 6-month warranty. Every single refurbished engine gets an even longer – 12-month warranty from Orbi Motors.

Every product has a unique sub-page that you are welcome to browse. In each respective page, you will find a more detailed list of specifications as well as high-quality representative images of the engine model (may vary from the real product).

If you cannot find the right engine for your Porsche, do not hesitate and contact us via email, by phone or by leaving a message on our site. We will get back and help you find used engines at a price you can feel confident in!