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Orbi Motors can be your one-stop shop for all car-engine needs. For our customers, we can offer a wide range of high-quality used car engines for sale. Popular petrol and diesel variants are plentiful, but you can also find unique, powerful or highly exclusive variants as well.

What is a used engine/motor?

A used engine is just what the name suggests – an engine that has been used and has some mileage on it. However, despite usage, it is in excellent, working order. Used engines are usually taken from cars that suffered damage – e.g. got in a car accident. When you look at what used motors we sell, you will see that our units don’t usually have many miles on them and they are in brilliant condition.

Why is it worth to buy a used or second-hand car engine?

  • Price – used engines are for sale at a much lower price than new ones
  • Quality – despite the lower price, retailers and wholesalers try to sell the engines with low mileage and those that are in excellent condition
  • Convenience – when massive repairs are needed, instead of going all over the place to find particular components one-by-one, refining them to suit your specific modification of the car, etc., you can scout and locate an entire engine and buy it in one place

If you decide to buy a second-hand car motor, you will be making a financially cautious and wise decision. In the long run, this greatly benefits your wallet. Since replacing the whole engine block turns out to be a lot cheaper than buying a new car or a new engine. Yet, it can turn out to be not much more expensive than replacing some individual components. This way, you choose the silver lining in between.

How to buy the right used engine?

Choosing the right used engine on Orbi Motors is not all that difficult. First of all, select your car brand and model. Then, find the right modification of the engine by looking at the name of the product. Finally, make sure the engine code matches your current motor.

Alternatively, you can use the search bar to type in your car brand, model name or engine code to get a shortlist of potential matches.

High-quality used car engines for sale

Here at Orbi Motors, any mechanic, car owner, enthusiast or buyer alike can find high-quality second-hand or used car engines for sale. We have stock for more than 30 of the most popular car brands and hundreds of models. These include BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Skoda, Toyota, Volvo, Porsche and many more.

The site is user-friendly, and you can easily navigate and find the right motor for your car. All of the products that we sell are pre-inspected by a professional and are equipped with a warranty.

Buy a quality second-hand motor online at a reasonable price

One of the most critical features of why it is worth to buy a used engine – affordable prices. That is why our team is continuously monitoring the market and selling second-hand low-mileage engines online at an affordable price. We want to be your first selection when it comes to used car engines.

If you have any questions

If you have not been able to find the car engine you are looking for – please let us know, and we will scout the market for one and give you the best possible individual offer.

Furthermore, if any questions arose during your search, do not hesitate and drop us a line using the contacts listed on our site or via the Live chat option on the bottom right.